Saturday, July 01, 2006

Big Day

Today, Henry got a big-boy haircut at the real live barber shop where Brian gets his hair cut by Larry, a man who purposefully wears a mullet. Henry got Mike though, and he doesn't have a mullet.

Here are the morning BEFORE pics:

Then at the barber shop we had to wait about 30 minutes (yikes) but Henry enjoyed sitting by himself in the big chair.

And picking out a magazine. Luckily the Playboys were on a different table. Seriously. Henry picked out some Guns-n-Ammo magazine. Seriously.

Then is was time for the real hair-cutting chair with Mike. Who gave Henry a comb to hold, lasting as a total 47-second distraction.

Then there was some clipping with a cooperative Henry:

And the dusting brush that Henry got to use on his knees:

And Svea sat sweetly showing off her two new big front teeth:

And HERE is where we jump to the AFTER picture, which means this was taken AFTER the complete crying fit meltdown when Henry was ready for the haircut to be over but Mike had only trimmed half of his head, and AFTER the ride home in Daddy's Scout, and AFTER Daddy dipped him in the bath and convinced him that all was still well with the world:

And then it was time for treats, which are just not treats if you aren't wearing a bikey-cycle helmet:


Cuz said...

i always eat my treats with my bikey-cycle helmet on! otherwise, what's the point? thats what i say. i love ya bunches and happy birthday!

leta joy said...


aunt merness said...

love the new big boy haircut. you adn B are so brave. love the ties on the top too! miss you