Friday, July 14, 2006

Favorite Afternoon Errand

Each morning and each afternoon, we run some sort of errand. It's either the library, a walk, a trip to Sears or Lowe's or Rural King to ride a lawn mower or motorcycle, the grocery store, Target, or something like that. Henry LOVES running errands. Especially if he gets to sit on a motorcycle, bicycle, or lawn mower. And if free popcorn is involved.

He asks every single day if we can go here:

At Rural King, you walk into a warehouse that smells like cheap popcorn, new tires and bird seed. It's enough to make you cry from happiness. Our routine is to first get the free popcorn:

Then hit the motorcycles and dune buggy looking things:

Svea does this:

Then we go look at the kids toys, which consist of some motorized John Deere tractors and a few wagons. Then we look at the live bait (minnows and crickets). Then we look at the fishing poles and talk about how Uncle Scott and Uncle Johnny love to fish. Then we look at the cast iron skillets because I love them. Then we go back by the motorcycles to wave good bye and head toward the big fans that blow our hair as we roll over the cracked asphalt of the parking lot.

Sometimes we stop at the fresh fruit and vegetable stand and get peaches or tomatoes before getting in the car.

And we can do all of that in just under 30 minutes before anyone gets bored.

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Natalie said...

Mollie, we love Rural King. Only we have to go on the weekends so Jon can go too.