Tuesday, July 11, 2006

With Daddy at the Car Show

Hard to tell who's having more fun.
Me or Svea.


ihusband said...

You may be living in Evansville when:
1) They have a car show at a McDonald's to celebrate said McDonald's 30th birthday.
2) Said car show at said McDonald's includes classics from the Dodge motor company, like Charger (valued at $35,000) and Neon (valued at 3 Big Macs and a medium fry). Notice which car the other Evansvillains are looking at. So close, yet so far away...

ihusband said...

Now that I've looked at the picture more closely, I've decided that maybe those people are just searching for the Neon's engine. Can you imagine the Dukes of Hazzard with a Neon? Now I want to go find one and weld the doors shut.