Saturday, August 19, 2006

First Things First in the Morning

Henry is named after my paternal grandfather, Papa J, whose real name was Henry Grady Jackson, Jr. HIS grandfather had a violin that was passed down to my father, and who lent it to me for a time as I have always loved the violin and Henry is currently obsessed. (His Elmo game on shows Elmo playing the violin every time that Henry pushes the letter "V" on the keyboard. Since he has figured that out, he has been walking around with his guitar tucked under his chin asking for a violin. Thank GOODNESS Pops lent us his).

So we practiced playing it one afternoon while Svea was napping, and now it is Henry's new main thing. First thing in the morning he asks to play:

Even before diaper changes and pajamas come off, he's loving on the violin. We need to get this boy some lessons.

1 comment:

Pops said...

It was your great grandfather's violin and he played in holding in his lap as opposed to under the chin. Don't know why. Can't wait to hear "Turkey in the straw".