Monday, August 14, 2006

My Bro's Wedding

For those of you who didn't know, my brother and Amber got married on June 10th. Then they moved to SIngapore. And we actually hear from them more now than when they lived in Birmingham, so I'm thinking this move is good for all of us. And since the Apple computer coup is working so far (come on Scott and Meredith) we almost all have Macs and can use nifty apple junk to communicate. Your PC is good to get your blog started though, Meredith.

ANYWAY, we are still waiting on the official wedding pictures but I copied a bunch from my mom this weekend since I was too busy dancing at the reception to take any.

Here are John Stewart and Amber at the rehearsal dinner. Hee hee.

Here's a better one of them:

And my Aunt Cathryn hugging Svea (this one makes my internal organs ache a bit):

This is Amber with my cousins Brandon and Austin:

And Meredith, Amber and me dancing, Before we got really warmed up.

This is just your preview - I'll post more as I get them.


am said...

oh these are great!!! i cant believe i havent seen any wedding pics until these! im so excited to get the rest of 'em. ill share them asap. wow, what a great night that was...ahhh. thanks for posting these.

april wiley

aunt merness said...

wow - pressure for the mac and the blog! great pics
cant wait to see yall in 3 weeks - already packing stuff!