Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Starbucks Emergency

Jennie called me this morning at 7:30 in crisis. She interrupted my crisis. We had both been up with little ones for hours. We needed not only Starbucks products to consume, but a Starbucks experience that could maybe last until a nap was an option, or our caffeine buzzes dulled our headaches and raw edges. We were there by 8:30.

Svea and Lilah did a lot of pointing and name calling. All in loving tones of course.

Svea learned to drink from a straw and finished all of Henry's milk. She did tip the milk box to get the last of the beverage, spilling it down her front, into her drawers until I saw it dripping from the seat of the stroller onto the floor. Lovely.

Then Henry thought it was time Lilah had a hug. Or a head lock. Or something.

Next came a dramatic run to the window, which Henry banged with his hand probably to entertain the nice man trying to finish his crossword 20 inches away. Lilah followed suit with the dramatic run but then just watched the banging.
Smart kid.

It was a day of survival.

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