Monday, June 11, 2007

Busy 'Round Here

We've been pretty busy around here the past week - lots to catch everyone up on.

Henry went to Vacation Bible School and has been singing strange songs ever since. Most of the words seem to be made of all vowels, though we hear a "Jesus" in there occasionally.

In the meantime, Svea took care of her babies and had fun time with Mom:

In the afternoons, Brian and Henry caught up on the Giro d'Italia that we taped to get us pumped for the Tour. I'm really glad that Henry likes his helmet, especially since there is no helmet law in Evansville, but we've had a hard time explaing that he doesn't have to wear it while sitting inside on the couch.

We did have a successful run through some garage sales this past Saturday and Brian found a tool for his workshop that he's wanted his whole life, and we found two bikes and a razor scooter for the kids.

Svea found the training wheels we were taking off of her purple Princess bike to put on Henry's new blue bike since she'll have to wait a summer or two before she can reach her pedals.

She found the training wheels:

Then decided to ride on them. Hmmm:

Here's the new Princess bike:

And here's Svea's version of cornhole while her brother scooted and biked along the driveway:

All this...before it was even 10am.


singapore stylee said...

wow. the whole world knows you. how did you get so popular??! you have hits in just about every country. you are amazing. amasing (my new way of spelling since all those UK-ers got to us).

iMollie said...

i know! our brother and sister-in-law move to Singapore and we get all kinds of hits globally - i think it's all y'all.
amasing. completely amasing.