Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wii Are So Getting One of These

So Uncle Brad brought his Wii to the beach...and we all had sore muscles from it.

Aunt Beth and Aunt Brooke warmed up with some tennis:

I'm not sure who won, but it didn't matter since we were laughing so hard at them.

Laughing until we tried it ourselves, that is. That stuff is so fun and I am pretty anti-video gaming.

We are so saving for one of these.


Beth said...

A couple of things...(1) I definitely won and (2) even though I look really stupid at least I wasn't doing lunges in my cheerleading top.

Anna said...

Can I just thank you for this post? It has provided hours of entertainment for me and I am considering using one or more of these pictures for my screensaver and background.

And don't worry - I told all the kyzers about it.


iMollie said...

ANYTHING for the Kyzers. Especially if it gives you something to laugh at Beth about...
How's your little boy?