Sunday, August 09, 2009

Any Jack Michael Sugar Spot

But I think we'll call her "Shug" for short.

Here in Alabama, if you say your dog is named Shug, people might ask you if she's named after Shug Jordan or Suge Knight. Seriously.
I'm going to go with: she's named after Sugar.

She is truly so sweet and soft, appropriately playful but not obnoxious. She sleeps a lot, pees and poops a lot, hops around a lot. I guess like any puppy. I've never had a puppy though so I'm treating her like an human infant, which is really my only experience with something this small and alive, so she is going to be SET in this human house.

I don't think I'm up to Dooce's level of photographing Chuck, but I think Shug will be my most blogworthy subject the next few days. Her, and Henry starting kindergarten and Svea turning four.
Just a few things going on around here...


leta joy said...

How cute. Are the kids loving her?

joyce said...

You got a DOG? Do I even know you? ;)

I, Mollie said...

Yes, the kids are loving her - though they pay attention for about 15 minutes then want her to leave their toys alone.
Joyce - do I even know myself? I can't believe we have a dog and that I LOVE her. What will I come up with next?

Dianne and Amy said...

More pictures...more pictures...more pictures... :)