Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Shug

Henry told me today that I "broke his heart" because we didn't have any yogurt in the house. This was not a sweet moment; it was full of screams and tantrums and truly something broken.

Then he told me that I had "the baddest rules of all" because I made him wash his hands with soap before eating. I thought about explaining the double meaning of the word "bad" and that he, like Michael Jackson, could possibly be suggesting that I am AWESOME by saying I have bad rules. He wasn't in the mood for that depth though. I kept it to myself.

Svea hated me for making her wear a seatbelt today and said she just "wanted to be silly and skip it." The whole buckling up thing, that is.

She also said she loved her spaghetti at dinner, but that she wasn't going to eat it. And she didn't.

But Shug? She's been great to me today. Peed in the house only once, still loves air conditioning vents on the floor and eating paper. She's sweet to cuddle with and rub against and she naps a lot. She needs me about 12% of the day, but loves me 100%. Those are nice odds.
All this typed by a non-dog person.


Dianne said...

Knew you could be a canine convert... She is absolutely adorable! Can't wait to meet her in person sometime...

leta joy said...

Wow, you are almost making me want to get a dog. That is some damn fine shug, right there.