Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Just Another Day in the Living Room

Henry and his Delta Dragoinoid II or something in the middle of battle.

He has an awesome bruise on his chin that is shaped like a purple goatee. I wasn't there when he fell and got the bruise, but I heard it had something to do with the Alien Game. It's healing nicely though and should be gone by the time kindergarten starts next week...

Svea likes to make this face:

and say, "I can't believe it!" in an old man's voice, acting like she has no teeth. I seriously look at her and wonder where she came from.
After acting like a toothless old man, she likes to drape her head and dance around. Sometimes she's Mary. Sometimes she's Jesus.

She was Jesus in this one. As if you couldn't tell.


Brad said...


Trista Brom said...

What a hoot! She sounds like a little ham! :)

carroll lane said...

I could tell she was Jesus.
Too funny!