Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Beach Bums

We got to escape to the beach for a few days last week and it was perfect in almost every single way.
Emphasis on the almost.

We left at about 7p and got there about 11p. The kids did great sleeping in the car, but both were a dazed version of wide-eyed when we got there. Henry walks in to the 2BR, 1Bath condo I found on VRBO and he said, "Mooooooom, this bathroom is SMALL."
Brian starts to giggle.
I'm looking around.
Svea starts to walk around and says, "Mom? Why are there crumbs on the floor?"

Brian face plants onto the bed in hysterical, high-pitched laughter and his feet hit the fold-out sofa, blocking the door to the balcony...and I can reach him while standing in the kitchen...that has crumbs (sand) on the floor. I'm still opening every door looking for the hallway, or at the least, the other bedroom.

There's a big fat NOPE on that second bedroom. The bathroom has a door at least, even if you have to stand in the kitchen to wash your hands in the bathroom sink.

The balcony was a Must on my list of requirements (which was obviously short) and you could get on the balcony if you stepped over the sleeping kids' bed. Two chairs fit out there, side by side. A Warrior II pose could be achieved at a diagonal.

Who needs a big condo at the beach, though, right?
It kept us outside in the awesome weather, volleying between beach and pool most of the day. We had lots of good, close, family time and we were so grateful for the getaway and the good attitudes.

I think maybe next time I'll let Brian book the condo since I look at lots of sites and then get their details confused...see the price on one and say YES before I double check the square footage...

Again, it was awesome. I'm so glad we went.
So are Henry and Svea.


Terri said...

I just laughed out loud at the Warrior II comment. That last picture of the kids is awesomeness!

Caseface said...

Totally jealous! I want to go to the beach sooooo badly. Especially Gulf Shores. Sometimes its tough being so land locked. Miss you much!