Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mystery Reader Fun

I was the "Mystery Reader" in Henry's class a few Fridays ago.
I gave his teacher 5 clues about myself and she read one each day. Here are my clues:

1. My name starts with an M

2. I really love coffee (I included this one because Henry always comments on my coffee breath in the morning)

3. I just moved to Alabama this summer

4. My parents' names are Robin and Stewart

5. I have a Golden Retriever puppy named Sugar

So obvious, right? Well, Henry was totally surprised to see me. Mrs. Howanitz told me later that on Friday when clue #5 was read, Henry piped up with, "But I have a dog named Sugar!!"

What are the odds?

So I showed up with The Tooth Witch (thank you Kristin and Reggie) and passed out miniature marshmallows at the end (they were baby teeth the Tooth Witch had collected, of course). Then I got to eat lunch with Henry.

During lunch, he waved to his friends and told me how everything flowed in the cafeteria. Then he pointed to the door I was supposed to go through when it was time for me to leave. As soon as the last bite of his whole wheat corn dog was swallowed, he was ready for me to go.

I think I could have stayed all day.

Here we are on our big day (I truly was nervous that morning).


Terri said...

How adorable is that that he was clueless about who the mystery reader was going to be!?!?

Tell the truth...that horrible contraption where you dump the food out after lunch is, well, HORRIBLE, right?

I, Mollie said...'s horrible and smelly. but everything else about the lunchroom seemed great! i had forgotten how low to the ground all the counters and coolers were - I felt like a giant in there.

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea for a class to do--and, what a fun "mystery reader" you are with your Halloween-ish book and marshmallows!
:) SB