Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Preschool Open House!

Svea's Preschool had an open house recently.

Her teachers are so EXCITED and LOVE the kids and spent so much time making this RAINFOREST for the BIG NIGHT. And since we live in the SOUTH, everyone at this preschool adds SYLLABLES to their words and SINGS their questions and answers in kind of LOUD VOICES. And all of this is PERFECT for PRESCHOOL.

Our little tiger on safari:

We all got to wear these hats that Svea is modeling and even KEEP them. Awesome.

This is my favorite picture. Here, the director is showing pictures from the Chapel time the children have once a week. Across the bottom are papers numbered 1-7 for the 7 days in which God created the world and all life as described in Genesis.
Some of the older kids illustrated each number drawing what was created on which day.
On Day #7, the picture is of a man on a couch holding a remote control pointed at a TV. And on the SEVENTH day, God RESTED and watched FOOTBALL on HIS television using his REMOTE control and ALABAMA WAS WINNING.
A child seriously said that.

Again, people, sweet home Alabama.

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