Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Baseball Practice

Henry had his first baseball practice the other day. One practice, one game each week which makes the days in between very long. This kid is in love.

During the practice, I was trying to entertain Svea, meet some of the other parents, not eat or inhale the bugs that hover one inch from all exposed human skin, learn some of the other players' names, and not get hit by wayward balls. They use real baseballs and no tee in this league. We're moving up, yawl.

There were several times during that hour that I felt trapped in a comic strip. Or in a story about a baseball practice from twenty years ago. There was a child who fit into each role: the total slugger who could hit any pitch, the kid who watches 19 pitches go by until another parent comes up and swings for him, the kid who kept screaming to his dad, "I feel like SITTING DOWN!" and "Where's my DRINK?!?", the kid who showed one butt cheek to his dad - you know, just to show him something, the kid who got hit by every ball even if it wasn't hit anywhere near him, the one who just stood there, etc.
I kept looking to see where Henry fit in. I think he is still contemplating what kind of practice player he will be...

In addition to the kids, the parents were fitting their roles nicely too. There was the angry father who urges (criticizes) his son in the spirit of competition ball and his idea of good parenting, the dad who doesn't care, the mom who promised the younger daughter a new app on her iPhone for every practice she sits through watching her brother, the socialite mom, the awkward couple who won't speak to the other parents, the dad who forgot to exhale after working out at the gym and came to relive some memories through his son, etc.
And I sat on the bench wondering what role would be helpful for me to play. Does that make me the helper mom? the silent blogger mom?
I'll have to discuss this with Henry.

Svea did great - especially with the bugs and after she found her new gum in my purse. The new main thing in our house? Spread chewed-up gum on your teeth so you look like you have none and then collapse giggling saying it's time to go to the dentist. It just never gets old.

Only 6 more long days until the next practice...

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Kristin said...

LOVE IT! When Graham's cast comes off (soon PLEASE GOD soon) he and Henry need to get together for some baseball practice.