Thursday, May 06, 2010

This Time, She Let A Professional Do It

So we got to Head Start the other day and Svea told the lady, "I want to look like Dora."

The lady said, "Who's Dora?"


I think Svea enjoyed her first salon experience:

Especially when it was over. What's up with all the silly faces? I swear, I have no idea who she is related to.

The rainbow lollipop at the end of it all + a new 'do = an awesome afternoon for Svea.


aunt merpha said...

she is so beautiful, just like dora! love the new 'do'! cant wait to see you all this weekend.

bp said...

I echo aunt merpha- she is just beautiful! happy happy mother's day to you both and your wonderful mom whom raised you (props to pops on his day!) hope you are feeling well!