Thursday, May 06, 2010

Twelve to Twenty

Henry graduated from his 12" bike to a 20" this past week. For those of you out there learning (like me), the 12" refers to the diameter of the wheel (I'm pretty sure). There is a 16" model before the 20", but by supplementing with a Razor scooter and some too-big roller blades and the skateboard, we got to skip the 16 incher. Woo hoo we stuck it to the man on that one!

Henry was dying for me to take his picture riding (future blog posts to come on how we screw up our children making them pose and repose for the sake of a blog?)

Luckily the camera was still on the "sports mode" setting - though some of the shots still came out blurry. Super fast 20 incher...

Then Henry had a "wreck" and luckily did not squish all my squash plants (ironic?) and he had a mad dash to wipe the bike down with his t-shirt before the final posed shot. Svea got tired of waiting on him and wanted me to take a picture of her with her banana, little monkey.

Ah, finally. The posed shot by the kick stand (an essential feature for the Big Boy Bike).
I think his Dad taught him how to stand like that.

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Stewart Jackson said...

Great pose and amazing riding skillz. Love the blog pics. thanks for posting. pops