Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Heard and Overheard

(Overheard while Henry and Svea were playing in their room...they are both shouting):
Henry: It's time for you to go to ESL tutoring!!
Svea: Well...I'm going to nail you to a cross!
(No need to worry that they are memorizing their surroundings in a diverse elementary school and a church preschool around Easter time)
Henry: Mom, is Santa a vampire?
Me: No...why?
Henry: Well, he DOES stay up all night.
Svea: (in response to her pollen allergy) Mom! I'm running out of my voice!
Henry: Ooooo Mom! Gimme one of those Barbie band-aids.
Henry: She is CUTE.


aunt merpha said...

love this!!!
did henry get a hair trim?

I, Mollie said...

no hair trim. he has just recently become picky about how it is brushed...even before bedtime.