Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Father's Day 2011

As usual, I was reading Anna Maria Horner's happenings the other day. I came across her Father's Day Post and got inspired.

I loved how truthfully she honored her father and I realized it was just the inspiration I needed to finish my own father's Father's Day gift.
At the end of July.

So I took an empty Altoids box:

Then I made a list, completing the sentence, "Because of my dad..." on small pieces of paper.
Punched a hole in the paper, slipped a binder clip through it, and nestled it in the empty box. I put it in a gift bag (with a new container of Noxema) and voila! Happy Father's Day!

1. ...I know how to make cinna-mutty for my kids. (***Cinna-mutty is a piece of bread with peanut butter spread on top, cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on that and toasted lightly in the oven***).

2. ...my kids say "shuck-a-manola."

3. ...I'm not afraid of chores or yardwork.

4. ...I'm not afraid to start over or even begin a new career at any phase or age.

5. ...I have an appreciation for vinyl records.

6. ...Billy Joel and Beatles lyrics come naturally.

7. ...I have a sense of humor about people and their quirks.

8. ...I know at least one Marx Brothers movie by heart.

9. ...the sounds of Garrison Keillor's voice is like a Saturday night lullaby.

10. ...black coffee in the morning is my favorite way to start the day.

11. ...I pay attention to what song is in my head when I get up in the morning.

12. ...I appreciate clean floors.

13. ...I understand seeing a commercial for Noxema and then needing to go at that moment to the store to purchase my own tub of the refreshing tingling face wash.

14. ...I grew up thinking every dad sang and played the guitar.

15. ...Peter, Paul, and Mary are more than Biblical characters.

16. ...I appreciate eating a brownie over the sink instead of getting a plate.

17. ...I know there is a Right Way and a Wrong Way to load the dishwasher.

18. ...I believe that every Apple product will make my life better.

19. ...I'm a better parent.

Happy (late) Father's Day!
And thank you for the inspiration, Anna Maria!

Now to finish that Mother's Day present...


Vicki said...

What? You had an Altoids tin and you didn't decorate it? Everything else was well done! I bet Dad could make a list: Because of my daughter, Molli ...

Thanks for the inspiring post.

mer said...

Oh, Mollie...you are so good.