Saturday, July 16, 2011

One Woman's Trash...Another Girl's Embroidered Heart.

One night, when we were on vacation, I went for a walk after dinner. Turns out the next morning was trash pick-up morning.

One house in particular had some choice garbage in the street. I saw this cool red box, it was starting to rain, and no one was at the house for me to ask permission to take the I took it. FIRST TIME EVER I SWEAR.

Isn't it cute?

When I got back to the house and opened it, it had a styrofoam-shaped head in it.
I was indeed surprised. Papa and Corinne were not.

They immediately bonded.

So my cool red box is a wig box. Who knew?
It also had some (very clean) half-used embroidery items and instructions to decoupage.

I grabbed some of the embroidery stuff, lightly drew a heart in pencil on the fabric, and Svea took over from there.

I think my oldest girl is going to be crafty...

I'm so proud of her rainbow heart!

Thank you stolen trash treasure!

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