Monday, July 04, 2011

Swimming Lessons

The first 7 months of Corinne's life, she hated water. Hated it.
But at the magic age of 8.5 months, she is accepting. Here she is at Miriam's birthday party, i.e. her first swimming lesson:

Henry and Svea just finished their first ever official swimming lessons at the YMCA. Best money we've spent all summer.

It helped that the instructors were muscle-y, super-tanned 17-year-old boys. Svea could hardly look at her instructor. His cuteness melted her eyeballs.

Once they got swimming though, we could hear her spilling her guts to him and I thought it might be time for me to have the talk with her about the "circle of trust." You know, privacy in the family and all.

When she got out of the pool the first night she came walking over to me and said, "Whew, Mama, I need some relax-tion."

Henry's lesson consisted of him and another 7-year-old boy laughing their heads off at absolutely nothing for 35 minutes. Later I asked him if he knew that other boy before the lesson began.

Henry said, "What boy?"
I said, "The only other boy in your swimming class."
He said, "Oh. Of COURSE I knew him. He goes to my school."
I said, "Sorry. I just didn't know."
He said, "MOM. You don't even KNOW what my life is like."

Then he threw his towel over his shoulder and swaggered off to the car by himself.
Duh, me.

What do I know, right? I'm just the mom.

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