Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Usually Ninjas...Usually.

Henry wants to be a ninja. In every way.
He also wants to use the word "usually" in just about every sentence he constructs. Usually. Sometimes he gets it right.

So I had some friends over the other night and we made monster softies. I made this one:

Its name is Booger.

Henry saw it and wanted to make one too, so he made a ninja:

Usually, he always wants to make things ninja.

Since we've been on vacation, Henry and Svea (and Corinne) were allowed to pick out their top sugar cereal: Luckie Charms, usually.
But Henry can't stand to just eat them. Usually he likes to study the branding and marketing and want to re-brand it: ninja-style.

So he came up with his own box of cereal. Ninja cereal, usually. It's usually Cheerio's mixed with chocolate chips so he calls it "Muddy Ninjas."
The prize inside is usually weapons. Or "wepons." But you can't get ALL the weapons at once. You have to wait, usually.

Front of the box:

Back of the box:

(at the bottom are the weapons you can win...usually)

In addition to pillows and recreating cereal box schemes, he also wanted to star in his own ninja video. So here you go, folks. The first of many attempts to ninja-fy every aspect of Henry's life.


Bobbie said...

I usually love ninja movies--and this is no exception!

Kay Costilow said...

So awesome, usually. He needs to come to ninja camp in Japan!