Friday, September 02, 2011

Day 27: After Dark

There is this awesome frog that sits on our front stoop at night and I've been waiting the past 3 nights for him to show up so I could take his picture.

Alas, since I needed him, he has not shown.

Instead of waiting around longer, I finished these crayon aprons after the sun went down and the kids were asleep or reading or whatever they do when I "clock out."

I made four of them for the Kids Table at Aunt Beth's wedding...though I can't remember how many little girls will be there...

After seeing Carroll Lane's post about the rainbows, now I want to take those crayons and melt them! CL - how did you attach the crayons to the top of the canvas? SUCH a great idea.

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carroll lane said...

Hey Mollie!
I hot glued the crayone to the top of the canvas in the order that the girls laid them out. Then we took the outside and put the hair dryer to them. Love it!

Love these aprons!