Friday, September 16, 2011

Fort Morgan in August

A few weeks ago, we got the chance to go down to Fort Morgan for a few nights.
The house we were borrowing was 4 blocks from the beach, which was manageable. Once we got to the beach, we found out that August is Biting Flies Month. I'm not kidding - that's what a local told us later. Biting flies. For real.

So we got in the water to get away from the flies, and we kept seeing these fish jump out of the water around us. They were big fish, and sting rays. I didn't know sting rays would fly out of the water. They do.

So that freaked me out to go back to the shore with the biting flies.
Then a bunch of beautiful dolphins began to glide on the surface which is my favorite thing to watch at the beach, but the flies were biting again, so we left.

And went to buy a baby pool to play in underneath the house in the carport where the breeze helped move the biting flies.

And we got a couple hundred water ballons, blue for Henry and purple for Svea.

It was the perfect solution.

So we swam and splashed and pegged each other with tiny water balloons. And Brian read comic books (research, you know).

Then it was time to play Dodge Balloon (not my idea).

I think that was their favorite by far.
After cleaning up all the tiny balloon pieces, apologizing to the environment, riding bikes, swimming in another pool, and eating a fine mahi sandwich, we came home.

I think maybe we'll come back in September next year, and leave August to the flies. Regardless, hooray for the beach!

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Amanda said...

we had biting flies in early september (week after labor day). glad to know we weren't crazy that there really were biting flies! and we had a tropical depression, too - which is always a possibility in august/september. but you gotta love the beach, anyway!