Monday, September 19, 2011

Kid Update

Henry got a new wallet. He's very proud of its flat presence in the back pocket of his skinny jeans. In it is one dollar and a picture of himself. He wanted to have a "passport" just in case we went out of the country. Or if someone needed to know who he was.
This is the picture he posed for so he could cut it out and tape it to a piece of paper and then write his name on it.

Svea loves Hello Kitty. Just wait until you see her school picture; it's impossible to look at and not grin. Svea used a pantagraph our friend Vicki gave us to work the outline of this Hello Kitty.
Then she gave her teeth.
And made her love Jesus. And Jessus.

Svea has also learned to snap her fingers. She can't do it without pushing one hip out and moving her head like a bobble head. It drives Henry crazy. So she does it about every 17 minutes. Even if Henry is in the other room, you can hear him yell, "STOP snapping at ME!"

And Corinne.
Sweet, loud, aggressive Corinne. She loves pizza: to eat and to wear.
And she likes bananas in her hair, to hold my earrings as we walk around, for the wind to blow in her bangs, to munch on a piece of celery for 20 minutes, to throw her sippy cup, to ring a bell, and to sneak in Henry's room and knock over his guitar.

This is the life.


Trista Brom said...

This made me LOL, along with your post above! :) Hilarious about Svea snapping her fingers. Takes me back to my days of growing up with my brother. Too funny!!

Kb said...

Someone is sooo getting a lot of hello kitty stuff for Christmas. I'll have to make sure they are Jessus loving kitties, too

Chris said...

love it! Love how Henry wants to have a 'passport'. I can definitely relate to that one. hahah!