Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 2: Something I Love

Something I love...right now I am really loving being in a Small Group with thought-provoking women on Wednesday nights.

Last night we discussed the concept of Wabi Sabi. And read this book together.

I visited this feeling and concept years ago. Then a dear friend in Evansville (Dianne) gave me this book without knowing how often I would read it.
Thank you, Dianne.

I hope for experiences of Wabi Sabi for all of you this week.
Send me a haiku about it if you are so moved.


Jennifer said...

I like it too. Thanks for leading it with all your wisdom!

Trista Brom said...

I love you and our group! You always bring such interesting ideas and concepts to our group - thought provoking and inspiring! And the activities are great - I feel like I get to channel my inner (creative) child through them. :) Oh, and you made me want to get another cat and name it Wabi Sabi. I'm sure Max would love it if I told him that! Ha!

Dianne O. said...

Yea, Wabi Sabi!

The Moore Family said...

I am loving embracing Wabi Sabi.... and whatever the next pet is at the more house it will be Wabi Sabi... kinda hope it is an odd sort of pet! I love our group too!