Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New 30 Day Challenge!

We (some cronies and anyone else interested) are starting a new photo challenge:

And as today is Day 1, here is my open door:

About as big as your pinky finger, this door swings open in the front of Svea's doll house.
I have this vision of having a Studio or Creativity Room or Sewing Place in our house. Recently we moved Svea's doll house out of her bedroom (so she could have room for her vanity table to fix her hair in the mornings. Because you need 8 bows for first grade) to downstairs in the evolving Creativity Room.

I want the kids to play and create and feel comfortable in that room...and give me equal space to play and create and feel comfortable. We are getting there...

For now, this tiny door opening symbolizes a lot of progress for our family. I'd like to concentrate on the fact that it is OPEN, no matter how big the door.

Hooray for that.

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