Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baby Moon Shower 2013!

Aunt BeeBee (sp?) is having a baby!
So we had a shower!

Logically, I consulted Pinterest and my crafty friend Vicki for gift advice.

First I made a diaper cake. Woop woop.
Then Vicki sent me this link and so I worked on my version with what I had around.
Came out cute!
I added pacifiers tied around each cup.

The girls "helped" me "wrap" it:

And then we gathered all the gifts around Patches the Rocking Horse:

I had intended for Svea and Corinne to love this shower, but Svea loved wearing her Flower Girl Wedding dress and watching a movie alone:

While Corinne just wanted to jump on Mimi's bed with Aunt Brooke:

Awesome. Baby Moon is so going to have awesome cousin role models.

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