Saturday, June 01, 2013

Mind Craft Magic

We went to a MOST INSPIRING, terribly CREATIVE, over-my-head and out-of-my-league birthday party a few weeks ago.

Just a reminder, I've stated this before, but planning your child's birthday party can be a great opportunity for parents to dig up their own "issues" about their own childhood and maybe delve into unhealthy territory around "feeling properly celebrated, noticed and loved."
These parents at this particular party did not do that. I need to learn from them.

This family loves gaming, in particular, the game Mine Craft.
Since my brood is not as familiar with that game, they kept calling it "Mind Craft."  I like my kids' take on it.

So here's how the party went:

There was a pinata that they MADE in the form of one of the weird, floaty bad guys on Mine Craft:

There were crafts, like designing your own Battleship game:

There was instruction and time to play Battleship. There was a screen hung with a projector to play the Kinect. Or Kinnect? The black box thing that senses your movements and you change your body to fit through the wall that's coming at you?  Hunh?

There were snacks that included pretzels in the shape of torches, a Mine Craft cake, green brownies that were the building blocks I think?  Chips, salsa, cheese, etc.

This is a view from an INSIDE WINDOW that led into a portal they made on their front porch, fit with a tv and xbox thingie and 4 remotes. Yes, the kids could crawl in through the window to play video games with each other.

More move-your-body kinect stuff:

And the cake!!!
Happy Birthday!!

But here's the BEST PART.  The birthday boy's mom let us give him an African Albino Frog for his present (some friends of ours were moving out of state and this frog kept eating the other fish in their aquarium so they gave him to us and we bought him some food and frozen blood worms and promptly gave him right on over to the Mine Craft King.  Hooray for possessions just passing through and not sticking!!)

Henry named him Kidney, but he has since been renamed Gollum by his new owners. The resemblance is striking.

All that is to say, it was an amazing birthday party that honored the entire family (with a little extra attention for the birthday boy).  We were honored and inspired to be a part of it all!

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