Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Corinne

When I am not eating stick pretzels, I like to look in the mirror and exhale as much as possible until snot runs down from my nose. It works every time.

I heart Nutella.

And I have to tell you, don't eat your "burgers."  They are nasty.

I found some markers and decorated the couch.  Again.

Tulle and cleats, y'all. That's how I roll at brother's flag football games.

And did I tell you I had to discipline the dog today?  I had to tell her, "Sugar, stop eating your bum; it is not a snack. That is nasty."

Look at my tattoo!  It lasted 3 weeks!  But you could only tell it was Rapunzel for 20 minutes!!

Peace out!

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