Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Color Wheel Table, and Then Some Chairs...

My friend found a table and 6 chairs at a garage sale. They weren't a good fit for her home so she gave them to us. GAVE them. So generous.

First they looked like this:

And the middle of the table was the most interesting:

Brian wanted to preserve the wood grain, but I kept itching and itching to paint it.  So I did:

And there was the question of the chairs. 

Henry and Svea used to really be interested in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Whereas I appreciate art and humor, especially in the form of comic books, and whereas I LOVE the idea of a male adolescent expressing himself through journal writing, I was not a huge fan of the level of sarcasm, practical jokes, and attention to the popularity hierarchy...but I guess that just means I am not a huge fan of puberty in general.
So I made this one:

Then I asked Henry who his favorite artist was and he looked at me like I had the cheese touch.
He said, "Lichtenstein."
I was shocked.
He said, "You know?  1960's pop art?"

Then he was too annoyed with my mommy-ness and had to leave the room.

So I made him this chair (not like Lichtenstein necessarily, but the colors DO pop):

I often have dreams about Magritte, so in ode to his The Son of Man, I made this one:

Corinne joined me in the painting and kept her's abstract. Then she put her vintage booster seat on top. Voila!

Only 2 more chairs to complete!!

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Merpha said...

Are you kidding me????that is the awesomest thing i've seen in a LONG time! LOVE LOVE your magritte chair...if I find a chair, will you paint me one? dude - youre awesome.