Saturday, September 02, 2006

Grocery Stowe Wer

Yesterday was grocery store day. Or "Grocery Stowe Wer" according to Henry. He has decided that every one syllable word must have two. He also asks to go to Alabama every single day. Connection?

So at the store there is a cashier named Bob who gives Henry a sticker every time - even if we aren't in his check-out line. This cashier, Bob, who Henry calls by name, will leave the poor customers in his line to walk over to ours just to give Henry and sometmes Svea a sticker. I feel bad for those other customers, but mostly I'm grateful.

Henry is picking up on all of the little catch phrases I use at the store like, "Have a nice day" and "Thank you." When we got home, he "helped" me unload the groceries and as I put them away, he unloaded the pantry into his shopping cart and told me to "Have a nice day" and that "It's so good to see you, Mommy" and "I gone BUY this" for approximately 47 minutes.

Then he decided that the plaid shirt he had on would never do and the only thing that would is his Alabama football jersey. I think he saw the big Alabama flag Brian hung outside yesterday morning. After he was properly attired, Svea jumped on board unloading the pantry.

That's her car seat you see in the corner of the photo because I had to re-adjust the straps. She is now on the same setting as Henry's straps (@*&$^(*#^?!!) she's so big.


pops said...

That is impossible for her to be his size. Dang this growing up is happening fast. I am grateful too that the sto-wer guy has stickers to spay-yer. And how about Svea standing up so strong? Hope you survive the Football weekend. Homewood won, if you care. next year, we'll have football, yes we do, we have football, how 'bout you?

leta joy said...

Yay for Bob!