Monday, September 04, 2006

Brian's (and my) Bliss

Yesterday afternoon, we were going for perfection.

First, an afternoon drive in the Scout (notice the Alabama flag hanging by the garage). The drive involved moving the car seats and us hanging over the roll bar to buckle the kids in. ALREADY it's fun.

The weather was perfect for the drive, though Henry wasn't sure about all that wind. Especially on his new football. And in his eyeballs. Svea, on the contrary, loved it.

Second, we went to a UE soccer game. Henry was dressed for it, after all, in his Henry jersey from Uncle Brad, his Chilean soccer shorts from Daddy, his cowboy boots and his UE hat. And his new football. We keep expecting Svea to just get up and WALK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD but she had fun crawling around in the grass.
We didn't actually get to watch the soccer game of course, but we did have fun playing in the practice field NEXT to the game.

And third, we went out for pizza and were home by 6pm. A good afternoon I would say.


AandJS said...

sounds like a perfect day to me too! i think i could use one of those days over here...ridin in a scout, watching american soccer, eating pizza....yes, perfect. give those kiddies a big hug from their singaporian auncle (uncle & auntie). xoxoxo. :)

Diane said...

Hey Mollie! Brian directed me to this site! I LOVED the video of Yummy/yucky. It makes me want to go out and find some monkey cereal right now in honor of Henry! Miss you all very much! Hopefully a trip down to Evansville is not too far off in the future! Love to all! Diane

pops said...

I want to ride too.