Thursday, September 21, 2006

My New Tennis Dress Hand-me-down

Mimi gave this dress to Lydia for her first birthday in 2005 and I remember wishing so bad that I would have a girl someday who could wear something so cute.

Then Meredith and Lydia came up for a visit bearing 4 boxes of hand-me-downs-thank-goodness-for-us and in one of the boxes was the sweet tennis dress! There have been maybe 3 days warm enough to wear it, so I think I'll just put it on her and crank up some heat.

We went to a play date for her first outing in the dress.
Svea, Lydia, Danny and Wyatt from left to right.

Svea and Wyatt...uh, okay. Choo choo.

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leta joy said...

That dress is freaking adorable and OMG Wyatt is getting so big! I haven't seen them in ages.