Friday, September 15, 2006

Super Domestique

I was going to entitle this enrty "Monkey See, Monkey Do" but I already wrote one with that title...and probably will have many more deserving it.

I really love doing laundry and I guess it's a good thing considering all that is spilled, spit and pooped in our house. So Henry has watched me fold lots of loads and is cluing in that I love the help. When I was in the next room one day, he started this helping on his own:

My favorite is when he shakes it out really hard and then holds it under his chin. I must have done that 88,000 times in front of him without even noticing that I did it.

Also, please note Henry's carefully coordinated outfit. The boots are a must upon waking each morning and the pajama pants need to be hiked up high as to not interfere with the boots. At least it's all clean, right?

1 comment:

Pops said...

whats not to love about clean laundry? I don't like my pajamas interferring with my boots either.