Saturday, September 23, 2006


"Turoni's" has become a key word in our house meaning "we don't have to cook and we can pay people to wait on us and bring us food and clean up our kids' crumbs" and there comes at least one day in our house each week when all of those services are rendered priceless.
Usually it's Sunday night.

Last Sunday, Brian got called into work and there was no way I was missing the treat of Turoni's so I took the kids by myself for the first time.

Henry was excited...

...especially when the men at the table next to us began talking about football. He swung his head around and yelled, "Mommy! They are talking about football!"

Svea was just hungry and would slam her hand down, then

yell for more food.

It was a successfull outing though and "Turoni's" remains a magical word in our house.

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