Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Be Still, My Beating Choo-Choo Train

Our last week here in the Erickson home has been so very full - so full that my heart is reaching near explosion.

Brian and I got to attend the Americana Folk Festival in Burns, TN (right outside Nashville) on Saturday and it was AMAZING. First, we sat still for hours. Then walked around when we wanted. Then ate when we wanted. Then sat some more. Heaven.
We got to see at least 22 musical artists, our faves included Patty Griffin (OF COURSE - she was the headliner), Mindy Smith, Blue Mother Tupelo, The Everybody Fields, Sandra McCrackin, and Carey Ott. So good.
Here's a picture of Brian and our dear friend Kimberly at the festival:

And 2 of the 3 stages:

The kids have had a stomach bug (now for 6 days straight) so I'm just about fed up with all this. The laundry...the diapers...yuck.

However, some good news is that I think we can officially declare Svea as a "walker"! She's been standing up and staggering about since August 5th so thank GOODNESS she decided to stop this pattern of taking 3 steps in a row then taking the rest of the week off.

She is also saying "Moo" and "Quack" at the appropriate times, "DDSsssss" for "juice" and dancing at all times regardless of background music (or noise).

Henry lay his head on my chest yesterday (in an attempt to calm down for his afternoon nap) then he looked up at me quickly and said, "I hear a choo-choo train? A choo-choo train on its tracks?"
I was so caught off guard that I think I explained that we all have choo-choo trains in our chests and that he should now GO TO SLEEP but then I held him so tight, despite my weakness induced by his sweet cleverness.

Oh, how I love these kids.

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aunt merness said...

oh - genius.
don't they say the greatest things when you either want them to go to sleep or when they wake up too early and you really want to be upset that they didn't sleep longer? maybe that's how it's supposed to work.
miss you