Friday, October 13, 2006

Filling Time

We have recently acquired a bunch of tennis balls (about 50 or so - some thanks to Wal-Mart and some thanks to our dear friend Heidi). I thought it a good idea since they fit in Svea's hands well as she is learning to throw, and since Henry loves swinging his racquet.

And because I'm already sick of football and seeing that it is still just October, that's kinda bad.

So we went to throw and hit some tennis balls the other day and my plan worked perfectly for about 23 minutes. Then the racquet kept getting way to close to Svea's head and Svea got bored and just wanted to climb up and down our flimsy stroller.

Now we just have them all over the living room and dining room.


Pops said...

Tennis balls are the best. Double true. and did you like mark knophler and emmy lou? modern times disc? we are going to the tennis courts next time you are here. love you all

natalie said...

What? No cowboy boots?!