Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Karaoke and Popsicles

The other day we had a great play date. Lynnen was here and she found the microphone. That was pretty much all she needed the rest of the afternoon. Then Calvin and Susana (new baby, not pictured) arrived.

Lynnen would "sing" while Calvin "played the piano" and Svea looked lovingly into Calvin's eyes. Henry, on the other hand, refused to put his pants on and kept trying to climb on the work bench so I would stop paying attention to all those other kids who were invading his play space.

Then Lynnen bumped her head on the floor and a purple popsicle held the only proper healing agents. So Calvin got a purple one and Henry, a red. Let me introduce my son, Vlad the Impaler (that is, Dracula, for all of you who haven't read The Historian yet).

And yes that is a can drink coozie on Calvin's elbow and an empty back pack on his back. I think toddler boys get more creative and eccentric when they get new baby sisters.

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