Thursday, October 12, 2006

Half Marathoner

Leta finished a half marathon!!!

Last Sunday morning, Leta and her friend Crystal (who all children refer to as Juju. Except Henry. He calls her Juju Train, which makes total sense) ran 13.1 miles. Henry, Svea and I loaded up on donut holes in the car, and then got out to cheer (and run) them on.

They had live music at several of the mile markers and we happened to pick the corner with the guy singing Bob Dylan on his lone guitar. It was Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Adam Sandler's "Happy Hannukah" song, then some more Dylan. Okay...

Henry danced and ran around in his boots and Svea shook the shakers and threw them on the ground...about a million times. It was so fun - all the clapping and cheering was so contagious that it made me a little teary when we actually got to see Leta and Juju finish mile 7. So teary that I forgot to take a picture of them. Hello.

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