Monday, May 07, 2007

Cinco de Mayo

This past weekend, we went down to Birmingham to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Also to celebrate cousins Christie and Eric who are getting married in August. They aren't ALREADY cousins, Christie is just marrying my husband's cousin, I like to go on and include her. We ARE from Alabama.

Henry was convinced before we arrived that cousin Wil was a real baseball player, not a fake one like Mommy and Daddy. Henry got this idea from a photo he saw of Wil when he was 7 years old. Wil is now about 23 or so.

Regardless, Henry stayed convinced and immediately starting bossing Wil around and made him play t-ball for hours.

Here's Uncle Brad helping Henry set up the tee for the 300th time:

And Wil pitching it back:

Then Henry hitting it again, calling out to Wil, "Make me a bicycle, clown!" as Brad and Beth roll in the grass laughing. Except in this one, Brad is standing:

Poor Wil, getting called a clown and chasing all the woofle balls:

Since it was a party, we all put on our party clothes and listened to salsa music before the guests arrived.


This is so fun!

How does this thing work?

My eyelashes are holding up this thing! and what is wrong with my brother?

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