Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lincoln, England

So Brian and I are in England for a few days.
We've got the house and dog sitter set, the kids are at grandparent camp, and Brian and I are nestled in Harlaxton Manor in Grantham, England. It's rainy and chilly most of the time, but the accents, the architecture, the walking, the FEEL of the place is wonderful.
I am still a slave to jet lag, and to the college student schedule of coming in at 2:27am with a certain forgetfulness of others who didn't choose the pub scene this particular night. There is a window in our little flat that allows me to spy on them when they return by taxi, so I look forward to teasing some of them tomorrow.

Today, or maybe it was yesterday, we took a bus to a neighboring town called Lincoln. Lincoln is small, but bears the sign of every mjor invasion in England since the 1st century A.D.

Here is one of the corners where boutiques and tea houses line the cobblestone pedestrian road. Since it was Saturday, the roads and shops were pretty crowded. This made for good people watching and accent listening:

Here is the amazing Lincoln cathedral, where John Wesley preached once:

And some guys sitting pretty above an entrance:

Here are some geese all in a frenzy for food under a cool sculpture called Empowerment hanging over the water. If you could have been with me when I snapped this one, you too could have heard the two guys under a plastic tent with their big synthesizer and speakers who were basically having a karaoke party for a group of teenagers. They were on "Ride, Sally, Ride" when I walked by.

It really started raining after this shot so I ducked into the Wig and Mitre Pub with Brian and Gregg Wilson to rest, have a drink and watch people go by. The table next to us was full of about 8 people excitedly speaking in Spanish. It was a small slice of rainy heaven.


Beth said...

i'm so happy you're blogging from England. Your pictures and stories make me wanna jump on a plane right now. One wonderful thing about England is an absolutely perfect day full of the bluest skies you've ever seen is bound to follow a couple of grey days. Enjoy!

leta joy said...

I would probably pee my pants if I walked into an actual English pub. I'm living vicariously through you. I hope you're taking a million pictures and having a fabulous time!