Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Last All Star Sports

All Star Sports Clinic is (fiiiiinnnnnnnaaaaalllllllllly) over.

I think maybe Henry would like it better next year. I swear he turned into a different kid every time we walked in that gym and acted like he doesn't play football 11 hours a day and baseball for 13.

Here he is contemplating a crab walk/crawl during "warm-up":

And actually trying it:

And chasing the soccer ball when he got to be on the black team, his favorite:

Svea enjoyed this last clinic as she has fallen in love with emptying my purse and applying her own lipstick, which she calls "minimas":

This may have been the last of the straight-up ponytails before Brian and I tried to cut her bangs. I had her cheeks in one hand, the scissors in my other, while Brian held her arms down. She still shook her head side to side and now has three new levels in her bangs. Awesome.

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aunt mer said...

please please post pictures of the new bangs. can't wait to see them!