Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Gardening, Cutting, and the Superhero Sous-chef

Here's our future master gardener who loves to water the plants from the baby pool water. I think Henry was upstairs changing his clothes while Svea and I played in the backyard. Backyard play requires a different outfit than say, running errands attire, of course. That's my boy.

Safety first in our house, I always say. For the ears at least.

The superhero requested this cape be put in her shirt just like this. No kidding. I was going to tell her that Violet (her favorite) on "The Incredibles" does not have a cape, but She was really too busy "cooking" me pancakes and singing Happy Brithday. Sweet girl.


pops said...

svea takes me back to my "zorro" days. i needed a mask and cape tho. safety first always. love you.

iMollie said...

i'm sure a mask is in our near future...i'm not sure what i'll do when she wants a sword.