Thursday, July 19, 2007


H: Time to go to work! Everyone get your backpacks! Here, Svea, I'll help you with yours.

H: By "work" I mean it's time to wash the car. Ever since I rode my tractor naked in the backyard, my parents have stopped resisting all redneck urges and full on drive the car into the backyard so they don't have to move the hose. Lazy? I would say BRILLIANT. Especially because Mom opens all the car doors to clean it out and lets my sister and me run through the van at top speeds. I even pretend to drive.
My sister's not much help. She's in the back playing with the swing. Whatever, dude, I get to hold the hose.

S: Come on, Mommy! Gotta show you something!

S: See? There was an airplane that flew through the sky this one time and I will never forget it. Ever.
And did I mention that I like to pick out my own clothes now too? Especially my shoes.

Until tomorrow...

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