Thursday, July 12, 2007

Le Tour

The Tour de France is finally here!

We have yet to pick our absolute favorite rider (we need to get to the major hills first) but the sprinters have had us on edge since Saturday. I still have a lot to learn about the insane and awesome strategy in all of this. Like Henry, I tend to get distracted by the riders' cool gear and the crashes in the peloton.

These pictures were actually taken at the beach by Aunt Beth since Uncle Brad brought all of his bike gear. Henry especially loved the gloves. He's been asking for some ever since. Big surprise there.

I'm sure we'll have more "bike wrecks" in the driveway and dressing up moments to share for the next few weeks...


leta joy said...

LOVE the hat! That first pic is so cute!!

iMollie said...

Thanks! His head and my head are about the same size now...hmmm. Let's hope he doesn't hit his Dad's head circumference.