Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Playdate Reunion

We got together with some old friends today who we hadn't seen in a long time. They played around each other and with each other and I was both surprised and appalled at how gender specific each child's behavior was. After all that work trying to stay equal...

Eventually the three-year-old boys retreated to the living room to play the Fighting Game and essentially beat each other up until they were sweaty and their moms made them take a potty break. The girls chose the smaller toys, or the ones with a system or routine like the house with mail delivery or the kitchen with the microwave that opens and shuts. Geez.

Here is Baby Kate, who is obviously no longer a baby:

And Henry can't quite figure her out:

Kole and Svea:

And Arwyn:

Svea and Kate giggling in the kitchen:

And, finally, the Fighting Game, with Svea watching from the Dora chair:

(I didn't get any good ones of Drew, Aubrey or Elissa...so we'll have to get together again soon. Sorry Kelle and Jaime!)


Andrea said...

Mollie, these turned out great! We had so much fun today...can't wait till the next playdate!

Leta said...

There were a lot of kids in that room, huh.

Natalie said...

HOLY COW, these kids have grown. Can't believe I missed this for a trip to the dentist! :D