Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just Like Pops

The other morning, iHusband let me sleep in and he took the kids to some garage sales (at which he thought he could find some tools). They did not purchase any tools, but did in fact find the ugliest Lightning McQueen sandals a size too small for Henry. Svea got a bright blue construction hat. I think they spent one whole dollar. Awesome.

Henry loves these shoes as much as I dislike them. I canNOT wait to rid our house of the nasty suckers. We took them away from him for a few hours this morning as a punishment (which worked wonders) and gave them back after his nap. He ran to put them on and came in the kitchen to say, "Hey Mom! I look just like Pops!"

Pops happens to wear socks with his Birkenstocks.

Much later, Henry did take off the socks to be like Daddy in his "chocolate" sandals (iHusband wears Chacos). Smart kid. He doesn't miss or forget one thing.
We are so screwed.

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