Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Breakfast Convo

Henry: Mommy, I'm a boy and you're a girl.

Me: You're right.

Henry: And some people are big and some people are small.

Me: You're right.

Henry: And we don't talk about how big people's bums are.

Me: You're right, honey.

Henry: Look at me, Mommy. Look at what I'm doing.

Me: (Looking at him doing nothing but looking back at me) What are you doing?

Henry: Look at me. I'm not saying "sucks."

Me: (Turning my face so he can't see me laughing. Speechless).

Henry: Mommy, I'm not saying "sucks" because it's rude and inappropriate.

(Did I mention how much I'm learning from my kids?)


aunt merpha said...

you should write a book or a column in a magazine or something.

Cuz said...

He's brilliant!!!! Sucks you can't say "sucks." :)

Headed your way this weekend! Sent you an email 'bout it!! Later!

I, Mollie said...

I think Henry and Svea should write a book. Definitely. And illustrate it.

Casey - can't wait to see you!

pops said...

Did you ever hear Eric Clapton's song, "Livin on Tulsa Time"? You would rewrite it, Livin on Toddler time. A sure hit.

leta joy said...

I say "sucks" all the time! Does that mean I'm rude and inappropriate? And how the heck does he know the word "inappropriate"??? In the interest of full disclosure, I once told Arwyn that her attitude sucked. Awesome parenting moment.