Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Our days seem to run together lately and the camera has rarely made a debut, or it has been in Svea's sticky hands. The furniture acrobat that she is, the sneaky manger scene re-arranger that she is, the feisty molar-cutting toddler that she is, she ALWAYS finds the camera.

She loves chapstick and lipstick and for some reason still calls is Minamiss. She digs for it in my purse at all times.

So in this winter season when all of our lips are peeling, and we juggle Advent and Santa and Christmas, I got this moment of chapstick application while we listened to songs in the library during Music Mania.
This IS my life.


leta joy said...

so, so cute.

auntie said...

did you tell her that if she holds the chapstick really really tight and pushes really hard then she will get more?
so sweet